Communikate is a first choice services provider for a growing group of infrastructure asset owners and planning, design, and construction contractors.

We believe that five key strengths set us apart:

  • We are specialists, not generalists. We have a very high level of expertise and capability in our chosen areas of practice.
  • We are genuinely interested in engineering and construction, and try to learn as much as we can about the technologies, processes and challenges involved in the projects we work on. This knowledge helps us to identify and manage risks, speak to stakeholders with confidence, and explain complex project issues in simple terms.
  • We are familiar with a broad range of contract models, including:
    • Alliancing
    • Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT)
    • Design and Construct (D&C)
    • Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)
    • Early Tenderer Involvement (ETI)
    • Public Private Partnership (PPP)
    • Road Construction Contract (RCC).
  • We keep highly detailed records of all communications with stakeholders. This is particularly valuable when accurate information about who said what when is required urgently to resolve crises, respond to negative media or answer enquiries from elected representatives.
  • We don't just manage communications from our desks. We maintain a visible presence on site and build strong working relationships with all key members of our project teams, from supervisor to senior management levels. We regularly walk the streets around our project work zones, to ensure we have a direct,
    up-to-date understanding of how construction affects local residents, business operators and property owners. We also personally visit directly affected stakeholders to provide information about construction activities and impacts, and discuss their questions and concerns.